WSU Partners with Ximbio

Washington State University has partnered with Ximbio, part of the technology transfer team within Cancer Research UK, the largest independent funder of cancer research in the world, to facilitate the translation of life science research tools.

Research tools are crucial in developing and creating new research, however sourcing and obtaining these tools can be difficult. Ximbio simplifies this process for both institutes and researchers by providing a centralized location for life science research tools of all kinds – antibodies, cell lines etc., from over 150 institutes around the world.

“Good science needs the best research tools to carry it out. It is paramount that these research tools are widely and easily available to scientists so that we can maximize the opportunity for breakthroughs.  At Ximbio, we are proud to be supporting life science research by making these tools accessible to any scientist that needs them, through our global technology transfer partnerships.”
– Robert Bondaryk, Ximbio’s Global Head

Ximbio works with researchers through the entire spectrum of commercializing their life sciences research tools (including those not under patent protection), from sourcing, and production, to sales, licensing and responding to inquiries for your reagents.

How does this affect you?

There are many benefits you can gain from making your research tools accessible:

Maximize the impact of your research

Making your research tools accessible to others can help you demonstrate the value and impact generated by your research project to your institute, funding sources and the scientific community.

Spend more time on research

Ximbio manages both academic and commercial requests to make your materials available to other researchers. Ximbio prepares the physical material of your research tools and distributes these straight to the requestor so that you spend more time on your research.

Encourage potential research collaborations

Once shared with Ximbio, your research tools and publications are published on the Ximbio portfolio, helping other scientists from around the world find more information about you and your research. This can often lead to new collaboration opportunities.

Protect your research legacy

Storing your research tools in one place can risk your research legacy being lost through an accident e.g. fridge breaking, fire in the lab etc. Making your research tool accessible through Ximbio ensures your materials are securely stored in more than one location, preventing the loss of your legacy if any one institute was to have an accident.

Generate income for you and your institute

Research tools made accessible through the Ximbio partnership have the potential to return income to your institute and to yourself, as the inventor.

I want to deposit my research tools with Ximbio, how does this work?

The OC is your access point to joining the Ximbio network. Once you have created a life science research tool (cell line, antibody, small molecule tool compound, protein, peptide, probe, bacteria, yeast etc), please contact the Office of Commercialization.

The OC will gather the relevant information about your research tool (including applications, disease relevance, origin, components etc.) and decide whether your research tool would benefit from being made available to other researchers via the Ximbio platform.

Ximbio will then start promoting your tool to its large global audience of scientists in both academia and industry. Any requests by others to use your research tool in their own research will then be managed by Ximbio on your behalf.