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Commercialization Smart Systems

Harnessing technology to improve quality of life

Learn more about Washington State University’s smart systems research and grand challenges research initiatives. WSU start-ups below focus on smart environment and smart grid technologies.



Adaptelligence seeks to transform the way we live, work and play through the integration of artificial intelligence into our everyday computing environments.

Map with Us

MapWith.Us is a provider of innovative mobile and web-based mapping solutions. We aim to make custom map creation simple and fast, providing valuable solutions for both business and consumer use. Our mobile phone applications make it possible to instantly upload mobile content from your phone to our online maps. Share your mobile photos with friends and family, or the whole world – in real-time.


Currently veterinarians do not have a reliable way to track outcomes of the health management techniques used on dairy cows. HealthSum has developed a health record database that imports and evaluates data from existing dairy management software to determine outcomes of health management. This gives the veterinarian more information about the effectiveness of treatments, and the impact of disease on cow productivity.

Photon Biosciences LLC

Photon Biosciences fills the market need for probes suitable for deep tissue imagining/ detection and diagnostic testing on complex samples with strong florescent backgrounds. Our products are ultrasensitive, non-bleaching, an non-blinking that react with with a recombinant protein with negligible amount of background noise.

Second West Consulting LLC

Engineering consulting, drafting, and manufacturing solutions. Specifically, in the field of sports equipment testing.