Sustainable Resources

Supplying food, energy and water for future generations

Learn more about Washington State University’s sustainable resources research and grand challenges research initiatives. WSU start-ups below focus on topics ranging from alternative fuels to reducing the inputs needed for growing crops.

Sustainable Resources

915 Labs

Available exclusively through 915 Labs, Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization (MATS™) and Microwave Assisted Pasteurization (MAPS™) solve one of the most pressing challenges facing the food industry today: providing consumers with high quality, natural and additive-free packaged foods.
By shortening the time food is exposed to high heat, the patented MATS and MAPS technologies preserve the color, taste, and texture of food — while eliminating the need for excess sodium, additives, and enhancers.
The result? High-quality, great-tasting, safe, and convenient packaged foods.


NuPhY is an agricultural technology company spun out of Washington State University, where the MultiPHY™ process was conceived with guidance from the U.S. horticulture industry. MultiPHY™ is an optimized clonal propagation method that is designed to produce healthy and productive plants. Our industry has relied on a traditional process that results in undersupply and sometimes unpredictable shipments. NuPhY is the solution that can support the rapidly changing needs of the horticultural industry.

Gene Shifters

geneshifters logo

Geneshifters is a startup biotechnology company focused on developing speciality technologies for crop improvement, using non-GMO approaches.


Ealasid uses non-food green plants as bio-factories to make high-margin, low COGS chemicals in a sustainable, carbon neutral way.

Zila Works LLC

zila works

ZILA Works has developed a patent pending, predominantly BPA-free, epoxy resin made from industrial hemp oil. Industrial hemp produces benefits for the farmers who grow it, such as soil aeration and protection from wind erosion. A resin made from hemp reduces health risks for the manufacturing workers who handle it, and decreases the toxins that consumers have been exposed to for years.

Protium Innovations.Inc

Protium began in Pullman in 2015 as Protium Innovations LLC, a startup out of the Washington State University Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab. Our signature product is a liquid hydrogen tank system for UAV platforms, based on patented VCS™ technology.
As a liquid hydrogen solutions provider, we invent and manufacture novel liquid hydrogen tanks to power clean, high-quality, affordable, and reliable electric transportation. Applying liquid hydrogen-electric propulsion to vehicles provides the reliability of an electric battery-motor system with the flight endurance of traditional combustion engines all while reducing inflight noise. By evolving the way in which we transport people and goods with hydrogen and electricity we save customers money, increase reliability, and enhance the quality of life for everyone.

Photon Biosciences LLC

Photon Biosciences fills the market need for probes suitable for deep tissue imagining/ detection and diagnostic testing on complex samples with strong florescent backgrounds. Our products are ultrasensitive, non-bleaching, an non-blinking that react with a recombinant protein with negligible amount of background noise.

Integrated Lipid Biofuels

Integrated Lipid Biofuels is focused on the research and production of microbial oil and value-added chemicals from petroleum alternative sources such as biomass hydrolysate and oleaginous yeast strains.


Founded in 2018 to commercialize a revolutionary battery anode material invented at Washington State University. We are led by an exceptional group of senior executives and technology leaders with an average of 25+ years of experience transforming fortune 500 companies around the world.

SusChem LLC

SusChem LLC is a company aimed at helping build a world where highly efficient power
generation without pollution is not only possible but also achievable. In light of this vision, SusChem LLC is committed to assisting our customers with the assessment, development, and deployment of clean and reliable technologies intended to meet their power demands while protecting the environment.

Reavenly, LLC

Predictive price optimization software application for the hospitality industry.

Peregrine Solutions LLC

  Peregrine Solutions LLC produces a proprietary media used for artificial pollination in fruit and nut crops, primarily sweet cherry, apple, and almond. Their media is used to extend the viability of pollen and improve its germination.