Visiting Researchers

Intellectual Property and Visiting Scholars

Executive Policy #38 is the WSU policy on disclosure, inventorship, ownership, management, and disposition of intellectual property (IP) created using University resources, which includes, without limitations, employee time and the University’s preexisting intellectual property (IP). This Policy is to be read consistently with the Washington State University (WSU or “University”) Faculty Manual provisions on IP. If there are inconsistencies between the Policy and the Faculty Manual, the Faculty Manual prevails for faculty.

Those covered by these policies include all persons employed by the University, participating in University research, or who contribute to the creation of IP (such as patent, copyright, or trademark) under contractual relationship with the University, and/or dispute the inventorship or ownership of IP arising from University research, resources, or employment. These policies apply to the entire University community, including visiting scientists and scholars who conduct research or contribute to the creation of IP while utilizing WSU facilities and resources.

Visiting Researchers

Visitors using WSU resources for research purposes are required to complete the Intellectual Property and Proprietary Information Agreement for Visiting Personnel Using WSU Facilities and return it to the WSU Office of Commercialization. It is the responsibility of the hosting academic unit to ensure that visitors are aware of WSU’s policies and complete the form before the beginning of their visit.

Visiting faculty on adjunct appointments and involved solely in teaching and service activities and are obligated to assign their IP to their current employer may use this form.

Please contact us for additional information regarding the form or IP generated by visitors to WSU.