Programs and Partners

The OC manages programs that help connect WSU expertise and infrastructure to the private sector. These efforts range from internally focused, supporting entrepreneurially minded faculty, to externally focused to stabilize and grow small business. Most forms of support for research within WSU are based on organizational partnerships, and it is a role of OC to position WSU faculty for establishing and growing funding relationships for research. Strong partnerships are predicated on mutually valuable outcomes. The programs OC manages all focus on discovering and designing the path to mutually valuable outcomes. 

Current Activities

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Industry engagement opportunities are often times difficult to find, or maybe you’ve found the perfect partner but there isn’t enough funding available to support the partnership. We’ve created the ACADEMIA and INDUSTRY $UPPORT program to help!

The E8 Angel investors seek Fellows with experience in technical fields to support their cleantech investment community and activities during the fall and spring semesters.

I-Corps is a National Science Foundation funded program that provides coaching for faculty students and staff to help evaluate the market opportunity associated with a research outcome.