About Us

The Office of Commercialization is responsible for the evaluation, protection, and commercialization of innovations and discoveries for the expansion of WSU’s public impact. We help to further enhance these research innovations and discoveries by bridging the gap between WSU researchers, their discoveries, and introductions into industry relationships.

The Vision

To be one of the leading technology transfer services in the nation by enabling WSU research innovation and bringing it to market place for public impact.

The Mission

We provide research translation opportunities and services to faculty and staff through stewardship of the technology transfer process from research conception to market by offering trusted counsel on Intellectual Property (IP) issues that arise in the conduct of research and empowered solutions to support IP development, protection, licensing, and commercialization. Additionally, we provide partnership assistance for building relationships with institutions, industry, and other stakeholders and support for new enterprises, cooperative opportunities, and economic development.

Our Motto

Empowering the STEPS in Research Translation

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Benefits of our Organization

  • Research discoveries are transferred to benefit society.
  • Commercialization efforts often lead to expanded university research opportunities.
  • Commercialization creates job opportunities for students, graduates, and has a positive result on our community, Washington State, and the general public.

Our Services

  • Inception– Have an idea, but lacking research funding? We can help.
  • Mentoring- Our Office can guide you through WSU policies as well as assistance on all of our services.
  • Material Transfers- We can protect your material when transferring to other organizations.
  • Discussions- We can facilitate discussions with industry by putting in place non-disclosure agreements to protect your discoveries

  • Invention Reporting– We know you worked hard on our invention.  Use our Disclosure Portal to report your inventions and begin the process of working with our office.
  • We’ve got you covered– Whether your discovery falls under a trademark, patent, or copyright protection. We will work with you to protect it when appropriate, by the following approaches:
    • Patents
    • Trademarks
    • Copyrights
    • Software
    • Plant Varieties

  • Start-up Support-Our Office in conjunction with Innovation Corps (I-Corps) will aid you through the process of standing up your own start-up.
  • Digital Marketing- We own our own digital store. This eliminates the need to pay any 3rd party vendors to advertise your invention.
  • Constant Connection–  Our Office will be there for you throughout the process.

  • Our Industry Partners- Our unique contacts can set your innovation ahead of the others.
  • Our Space- We offer can house your start-up company.

WSU Research & Technology Park

This two building complex offers modern, convenient office space for small, start-up and growing companies. There is an ideal combination of incubation space for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, and affordable offices near a leading research institution for fast-growing start-ups.

For more information on our Research Park and the current tenants see: researchpark.wsu.edu

research park