Technology Licensing

Licensing Process

The Office of Commercialization assists with licensing innovations created by WSU researchers. We follow a straightforward process to reach a license agreement with companies interested in technologies:

  1. Identify and assess a technology:
    You may identify a potential technology through a personal relationship with a researcher/inventor or through searching available technologies on our website. Technologies are organized by category and all listed are currently available for licensing.
  2. Request information and sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement:
    Once a technology has been identified, please contact the specific licensing contact listed. We will provide non-confidential information as it becomes available, or in many cases, we will execute a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) to provide you with the greatest amount of available information. In certain cases, we may also introduce you to the inventor directly for additional technical and scientific details. At this point, if further research is required, we may propose a sponsored research agreement or option agreement.
  3. Develop a term sheet:
    Once your licensing application is received, an initial term sheet will be provided. The term sheet may include exclusivity, field of use, grant of rights, and sub-licensing provisions. Royalties, license issue fees, minimums, milestone payments, and other terms are tailored to match each technology opportunity.
  4. Negotiate and sign a license agreement:
    Through the business terms outlined by the term sheet, and legal terms required by our office for each technology, a license agreement will be drafted. Typically there will be one or more agreement reviews for legal and business term continuity. Once the final language is agreed upon, the final agreement will be executed.



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WSU Option Agreement

The WSU Option Agreement is a short-term license, that allows a company to evaluate a technology for a set period of time.
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WSU Licensing Agreement

The WSU Licensing Agreement is our standard exclusive license with sub-licensing rights template. Since every technology is unique in both value and nature, the structure of each license agreement and the relevant financial terms will vary. Through open and honest communication in the negotiation process, we make our best efforts to structure a license agreement to create a ‘win-win’ situation.
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