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WSU researchers are tackling real world problems today. We at the OC are here to join forces with you and find market applications for your ideas and elevate your research to have a societal impact.

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Benefits of working with us


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You Invention is safe and always secure with us while we work towards patenting your invention.


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Inventors receive shares of licensing revenue. Additional research funding can also be attained through Industry sponsored research.



Transferring technologies expose your ideas to new possibilities that positively impact our society and economic growth.


Confidential Disclosure Agreement, sometimes called a Non-Disclosure Agreement, is a legal document for the protection of proprietary information. Such a document is necessary before any transfer of proprietary information is made from one party (such as a university researcher) to another (such as a corporate representative). Otherwise, the transfer of proprietary information, even in a casual conversation, could legally be considered a public disclosure. In the worst case, such a disclosure could allow the individual or company to whom this information was disclosed to use or transmit to others your confidential information, thus placing the invention in the public domain. This would preclude the possibility of obtaining intellectual property protection and might even violate federal regulations. It is important to contact us before disclosing any confidential proprietary information to another party.

Information about royalties is covered in the Faculty Manual.

Searching our technologies is fast and easy through our technology publisher.

We offer Research Use Licenses for non-profit entities. Alternatively, we offer Option Agreements to private partners who need time to evaluate a particular technology.

The Research Park is home to many of WSU start-ups, but is open to any entity that wishes to utilize the space.  The Research Park has space for office areas as well as lab research. For more information, please visit the Research Park page.

As the principal researcher, many times, you are in the best position of knowing the market niche. You can assist the Office of Commercialization by including the potential markets and contacts in the invention disclosure or by directly sending the information to our office.