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Commercialization National Security

Fundamental research to protect America

Learn more about Washington State University’s national security research and grand challenges research initiatives. WSU start-ups below focus on food, energy and power grid security.


GridScience LLC

PMU Performance Analyzer (PPA) is a software tool for analyzing the performance of a PMU during steady-state and dynamic conditions as specified in the IEEE Standard for Synchrophasor Measurements C37.118.1 and IEEE Test Suite Specification (TSS). The PPA also includes some tests that are not in the existing version of IEEE standards. Test suite library is specially designed to evaluate the performance of PMUs in highly realistic situations as they would be subjected to when deployed in real-life substations

Phasor Informatics LLC

Phasor Informatics LLC develops novel software solutions for ensuring the operational reliability of the electric power grid, while the grid is transitioning into a green energy based sustainable grid of the future. Power utilities all around the world have heavily invested in synchrophasor technology which allows high-speed high-fidelity wide-area monitoring of the dynamic characteristics of large electric power grids.

Prosus LLC

Prosus LLC has developed a technology for the conversion of terpenoid biomass to jet-fuel range cycloalkanes in a biphasic tandem catalytic process (biTCP), which is a much more efficient catalytic process for producing renewable jet fuels from biocrude. The biTCP process allows for a one-pot process, and thus would allow for a single unit operation reactor in a biofuel production setting to convert biocrude into jet fuel range cycloalkanes.