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Commercialization Protect Intellectual Property

Invention Disclosure

The Office of Commercialization will evaluate whether your innovation is protectable and, if so, navigate the process of patent, trademark or copyright, as applicable.

There are a number of factors we evaluate to determine if we will pursue a patent. Among others, technology assessment takes the following into account:

  • Stage of Development, Development Cost and Time: Innovations early in development may need significant resources to reach a commercially viable and valuable point.
  • Patentability: Inventions are assessed based on novelty,non-obviousness and usefulness.
  • Impact: Whether the technology is groundbreaking or game changing, and its adaptability.
  • Market Breadth and Size: Whether a technology is appropriate for niche/small markets or widely useful.

The process of protecting an invention has many steps and does take some time to complete. The earlier you submit your invention disclosure, the faster our office can make a determination and begin the assessment process.






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MTA Agreements

As a WSU researcher, you may need to send or receive materials to or from other organizations.  To protect the intellectual property associated with the information and/or material it is essential that a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is put in place before sending or receiving materials. See our MTA page for more information.