WSU professor recognized for frozen food innovation

Juming Tang, Washington State University Professor and food engineering researcher, has earned the 2014 Freezing Research award for his work, which has led to the significant improvement in food quality and safety through freezing. His contributions include microwave pasteurization technology, essential to the control of microbial and viral pathogens in frozen and chilled meals.

President of the Frozen Food Foundation and president and CEO of the American Frozen Food Institute, Kraig R. Naasz praised Professor Tang’s work, saying “Dr. Tang’s contributions to the field of food science and engineering have aided the scientific community and consumers alike, by demonstration innovation through increased product quality, safety, and shelf-life.”

Dr. Tang is the distinguished chair of food engineering and associate chair of biological systems engineering at WSU, where he has taught and conducted research for almost 20 years. Dr. Tang’s other developments include the “microwave-assisted thermal sterilization” and “microwave assisted pasteurization system”.

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