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PullmanChristopher Keanechris.keane@wsu.eduCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
Manuel Garcia-Perez

PullmanChristopher Keanechris.keane@wsu.eduCollege of Arts and Sciences
PullmanChristopher Keanechris.keane@wsu.eduCollege of BusinessChip
PullmanChristopher Keanechris.keane@wsu.eduCollege of CommunicationBruce
PullmanChristopher Keanechris.keane@wsu.eduCollege of EducationMichael
PullmanChristopher Keanechris.keane@wsu.eduCollege of Engineering and ArchitectureMary
PullmanChristopher Keanechris.keane@wsu.eduCollege of PharmacyMark
PullmanChristopher Keanechris.keane@wsu.eduCollege of Veterinary MedicineDori Borjesson

SpokaneCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
SpokaneCollege of Arts and SciencesTodd
SpokaneCollege of Business
SpokaneCollege of Communication
SpokaneCollege of Education
SpokaneCollege of MedicineJohn
SpokaneCollege of PharmacyJohn
SpokaneCollege of NursingMelvin
Tri-CitiesChristine Portforsportfors@wsu.eduCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business

College of Communication
Tri-CitiesChristine Portforsportfors@wsu.eduCollege of Education
Tri-CitiesChristine Portforsportfors@wsu.eduCollege of Engineering and ArchitectureJames
Tri-CitiesChristine Portforsportfors@wsu.eduCollege of Pharmacy
Tri-CitiesChristine Portforsportfors@wsu.eduCollege of Veterinary Medicine
VancouverCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
VancouverCollege of Arts and SciencesChristine
VancouverCollege of Business
VancouverCollege of Communication
VancouverCollege of Education
VancouverCollege of Engineering and ArchitectureMary
VancouverCollege of Pharmacy
VancouverCollege of Veterinary Medicine
EverettCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
EverettCollege of Arts and Sciences
EverettCollege of Business
EverettCollege of Communication
EverettCollege of Education
EverettCollege of Engineering and Architecture
EverettCollege of Pharmacy
EverettCollege of Veterinary Medicine
Mount VernonCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
Mount VernonCollege of Arts and Sciences
Mount VernonCollege of Business
Mount VernonCollege of Communication
Mount VernonCollege of Education
Mount VernonCollege of Engineering and Architecture
Mount VernonCollege of Pharmacy
Mount VernonCollege of Veterinary Medicine
ProsserCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
ProsserCollege of Arts and Sciences
ProsserCollege of Business
ProsserCollege of Communication
ProsserCollege of Education
ProsserCollege of Engineering and Architecture
ProsserCollege of Pharmacy
ProsserCollege of Veterinary Medicine
PuyallupCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
PuyallupCollege of Arts and Sciences
PuyallupCollege of Business
PuyallupCollege of Communication
PuyallupCollege of Education
PuyallupCollege of Engineering and Architecture
PuyallupCollege of Pharmacy
PuyallupCollege of Veterinary Medicine
WenatcheeCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
WenatcheeCollege of Arts and Sciences
WenatcheeCollege of Business
WenatcheeCollege of Communication
WenatcheeCollege of Education
WenatcheeCollege of Engineering and Architecture
WenatcheeCollege of Pharmacy
WenatcheeCollege of Veterinary Medicine
YakimaCollege of Agriculture Human
& Natural Resource Sciences
YakimaCollege of Arts and Sciences
YakimaCollege of Business
YakimaCollege of Communication
YakimaCollege of Education
YakimaCollege of Engineering and Architecture
YakimaCollege of PharmacyGary
YakimaCollege of Veterinary Medicine

Example Popup Calendar

example embedded Calendar

Description of CostOutside Counsel Fee (Rough Estimate)Out of Pocket Costs During PendencyEstimated Lifetime AnnuitiesLow End EstimateHigh End Estimate
United States$10,900$29,000$3,390$8,710$23,000$41,100
EPO (UK,DE,FR)$10,000$20,000$1,250$22,000$33,250$43,250
South Africa$2,500$5,000$1,250$12,000$15,750$18,250


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test of Iframe

Steps to replicate this:


  • Copy the JavaScript code below into your custom JavaScript for your site ( In the admin navigation go to: Appearance>Custom JavaScript).

var ifrm = document.createElement(“iframe”);
ifrm.setAttribute(“src”, “”); = “560px”; = “800px”;

  • In the code above you will need to change the source (src) and the ID (#TestIFRM) to be unique values for what you are trying to make an iframe out of.
    • For Pivot create your search and copy out the source (src) and replace it in the code above. Make sure you leave the quotation marks!
    • For your ID change it to something more descriptive to the search.
  • Next you have to tell the page to run the code.  The ID is what we will reference to do that.
    • Create a empty div tag and assign it the the appropiate ID.
    • Example : <Div ID=”TestIFRM”></div>