Inventors, Contributors, and Departmental Signatures

Reporting who is involved with your invention

Accurately reporting who contributed towards the invention is important not only for reporting purposes- it also plays a key role in any royalty distribution.  There are three main areas to consider when filling out your disclosure.

For WSU policies regarding Intellectual Property please see Executive Policy 38.


Inventors, Contributors, and Contacts

The Contacts section focuses on any individual(s) associated to the disclosure. There are three main types of contacts that can be added in this section:

  • Inventors (and Co-Inventors) are individual(s) that have direct contribution to at least one claim on the invention and appear on on any patent application.
  • Contributors are individual(s) involved, in the creation of the invention but not do meet the qualifications for inventorship.
    Examples of this scenario include:
    • Technicians who perform routine studies or follow directions of another person.
    • A person who merely organizes or collects data in support of the invention.
  • Signatures only (Department/College approvers) are individuals associated to the disclosure for the sole purpose of departmental and/or college acknowledgement. On any given disclosure a minimum of two approvers is required.

Department or Center Affiliations

The section can include any of the following:

  • Departments
  • Research Units
  • Administrative Areas
  • Or other programs  Entities where appropriate.

Each inventor should add in their area of focus(es) so that royalties can be distributed appropriately.
Please note that this section can contain as many areas of focus as necessary so long as the contribution totals to 100%.


This section can include:

  • Colleges 
  • Campus Locations

It is important to note that if an inventor or contributor is located at Spokane, Vancouver, Tri-Cities, or Everett that they add these locations.
Please note that this section can contain as many locations as necessary so long as the contribution totals to 100%.