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Washington State University

Office of Commercialization


Protecting intellectual property is essential to any commercialization effort. However, before any invention or technology can be protected, it must first be disclosed through the WSU Office of Commercialization.

It is essential to disclose inventions properly before publishing or publicly presenting any material on them. Patent protection outside the United States may become limited if you do so before disclosure with WSU.

The Office of Commercialization's role is to evaluate whether your invention is able to be protected and, if so, navigate the process of patent, trademark or copyright as necessary. This  ensures that an invention can be licensed in the future for use in the private sector.

It is essential that you properly disclose your invention before publishing or making any public presentations about them.

You may fill out the disclosure form below and return it to our office by email at commercialization@wsu.edu or in person. One of the Technology Licensing Associates will contact you to work on the next steps in the commercialization process.

Fill out the form here:

Invention Disclosure Form [PDF]

Software Disclosure Form [PDF]