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Office of Commercialization

About Us

Entrepreneurship and commercialization are thriving at Washington State University!
In partnership with the Office of Economic Development, the Office of Commercialization (OC) supports, nurtures, guides, and sustains commercialization efforts for the university.

Our mission is to ensure that innovations and discoveries by WSU researchers are evaluated, protected where possible, and prepared for potential licensing by third parties. Our staff supports this goal of translating research discoveries into innovations for the marketplace.

WSU is among the top land grant research universities in the US where internationally recognized faculty in many academic areas conduct cutting edge research resulting in discoveries and technologies with commercial potential. These discoveries provide great benefits to the quality of human lives globally in agriculture, clean technologies, food processing, global animal and human health, engineering and IT.


In FY 2016, our research and innovations resulted in 124 IP disclosures, 95 patent applications and 71 license agreements. A report issued by an independent consulting agency estimates our expenditures recently totaled $341 M for research, $2.3 B for public service, and generated about 20,000 jobs in Washington State – all manifesting the teaching, research and public outreach goals laid out in WSU’s institutional mission.

On a daily basis, the OC program’s staff of professionals provides knowledge and guidance to the researchers at WSU and supports them in the often long process of reaching their commercialization goals. Our Technology Licensing and Patent Portfolio Managers provide:

  • Partnerships with the private sector to facilitate transfers of technologies from the lab to the marketplace
  • A gateway for industry to access WSU innovations and cutting edge research
  • Guidance on licensing advanced technologies
  • Mentoring on research funding
  • Creation of vibrant entrepreneurship and business opportunities

WSU Research & Technology Park

This two building complex offers modern, convenient office space for small, start-up and growing companies. There is an ideal combination of incubation space for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, and affordable offices near a leading research institution for fast-growing start-ups. 

For more information on our Research Park and the current tenants see: researchpark.wsu.edu