WSU Office of Commercialization at the LSINW June 19 – 20, 2014

Washington State University is excited to be a major sponsor of the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association’s 14th annual Life Science Innovation Northwest conference.

Why? As you can see in the graphics below, a large portion of WSU’s research is in life sciences, and that research in turn positively impacts the economy of  Washington state. Just a few months ago,  WSU and the University of Washington released the Innovation and Impact Report to highlight the economic and social outcomes of Washington’s growing life sciences research enterprise.

Live Sciences and Economic Growth

Through our participation in LSINW, we look to not only bring awareness to life sciences research programs and faculty expertise, but seek partners to leverage our discoveries and societal positive impact programs for the improved quality of life  globally. If you are attending the event, come meet the Director of the WSU Office of Commercialization, and 2014 Woman to Watch honoree Dr. Sita Pappu,  and learn about how the office can serve you. Just across the way, visit the Sustaining Health Initiative exhibit and learn about how WSU is approaching health-related research and outreach in a whole new way.

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If you aren’t able to attend LSINW, visit the links below to learn more about WSU’s work in the life sciences and the groups and companies participating in LSINW. Feel free to also contact us for a meeting to learn more about WSU in life science research, and discuss how we can work with your company.

Podium Presentations by WSU Start-Up Companies

Panel Discussion and Woman to Watch Ceremony

  • Women to Watch Awards Ceremony, June 20 12:30-1:00 pm
    • WSU Director of Commercialization Dr. Sita Pappu is one of six women being honored with this award

WSU and Health

Life sciences encompass health areas that stretche from treating human patients to growing and maintaining an abundant food supply. Find out more about WSU’s expertise in the area by checking out some of the programs and labs listed below.

Uncompromising pursuit of a healthier world

WSU Spokane is the hub of the university’s human health research and academics. The expert faculty are preparing the next generation of community-conscious health advocates through excellent programs in nursing, pharmacy, speech and hearing, nutrition and health policy and administration.

The Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health is helping people globally live healthy lives by deepening our understanding of disease transmission, prevention, and control, without respect to borders. Learn more about:

A safe and abundant food supply

Secure, sustainable, energy-filled living