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Barbeque or heat – one day the fuel may come from the same source

Recently, Dr. Manuel Garcia-Perez, an assistant professor and scientist, and his graduate students who study biosystems engineering in the WSU Reaugh Laboratory for Oil and Gas Research, garnered some attention for their research. The research in their lab addresses the environmental burden associated with the world’s declining petroleum resources by using new thermochemical conversion concepts. They are helping to advance the emerging biofuels industry by developing pyrolysis technologies. The same technology that produces charcoal used in many barbeques this summer is also a building block for helping the vision of a commercial, wood-based biofuels industry in the Pacific Northwest become a reality.

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WSU Office of Commercialization at the LSINW June 19 – 20, 2014

Washington State University is excited to be a major sponsor of the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association’s 14th annual Life Science Innovation Northwest conference.

Why? As you can see in the graphics below, a large portion of WSU’s research is in life sciences, and that research in turn positively impacts the economy of  Washington state. Just a few months ago,  WSU and the University of Washington released the Innovation and Impact Report to highlight the economic and social outcomes of Washington’s growing life sciences research enterprise.

Live Sciences and Economic Growth

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The New American City

Washington State University joined over 150 elected, business, civic, and university leaders from around the country at “The New American City” – an event hosted by CityAge on June 10-11 in Seattle.

CityAge is an international media and conference company that looks at the business of city building in the so-called  “urban century.” Founded by Marc Andrew and Miro Cernetig of Canada, the company is encouraging major North American cities to collaborate in building “our 21st-Century’s urban future.” CityAge is a forum that encourages dialogue and information sharing by bringing together thought leaders who can learn from each other about best practices … » More …